Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas FY2017-2021Hybrid Catalysis

Laurean Ilies » Japanese

Affiliation Riken Center for Sustainable Resource Science
Position Team Leader
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Speciality organic synthesis
Keyword base metal catalysis, C-H bond activation
Institute The Chemical Society of Japan; The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan; The Japanese Society for Process Chemistry


I plan to investigate the hybrid radical/organometallic reactivity of first row transition metals such as iron, manganese, cobalt, or nickel for the selective functionalization of C(sp3)-H bonds. Based on a previous discovery of a hybrid dual reactivity of organoiron, which behaves both as a radical to cleave a C(sp3)-H bond under mild conditions and as an organometal to create a new C–C or C–heteroatom bond, I plan to develop an efficient hybrid catalytic system for the functionalization of both simple hydrocarbons and of complex functional molecules.


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Original papers

  • "Iron-Catalyzed Synthesis of Indenones through Cyclization of Carboxamides with Alkynes"
    *Laurean Ilies, Yasin Arslanoglu, Tatsuaki Matsubara, *Eiichi Nakamura
    Asian J. Org. Chem.,2018, 7, 1327-1329
  • "Silylation of Aryl Halides with Monoorganosilanes Activated by Lithium Alkoxide"
    Takumi Yoshida, *Laurean Ilies, *Eiichi Nakamura
    Org. Lett.,2018, 20, 2844–2847
  • "Synthesis of Esomeprazole and Related Proton Pump Inhibitors through Iron-Catalyzed Enantioselective Sulfoxidation"
    *Shigenobu Nishiguchi, Takuhiro Izumi, Takayoshi Kouno, Junpei Sukegawa, *Laurean Ilies, *Eiichi Nakamura
    ACS Catal.,2018, 8, 9738−9743
  • "Iron-Catalyzed Directed Alkylation of Carboxamides with Olefins via a Carbometalation Pathway"
    *Laurean Ilies, Yi Zhou, Haotian Yang, Tatsuaki Matsubara, Rui Shang, *Eiichi Nakamura
    ACS Catal.,2018, 8, 11478–11482


  • The 13th International Conference on Cutting-Edge Organic Chemistry in Asia (ICCEOCA-13)
    "C-H Activation with Base Metals", 招待講演
    Ilies, L.
    11/1/2018-11/4/2018, Chulabhorn Research Institute (Bangkok), Thailand
  • The 4th International Symposium on C-H Activation (ISCHA-4)
    "Iron-Catalyzed C–H Bond Activation", 招待講演
    Ilies, L.
    8/30/2018-9/2/2019, Keio University (Hiyoshi), Japan
  • The 1st Sino-Japanese Symposium on Catalysis for Precision Synthesis
    "Iron Likes Single Electron Transfer", 招待講演
    Ilies, L.
    5/27/2018-5/30/2018, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (Shanghai), China


  • 「Lectureship Award」
    受賞者:Laurean Ilies
    贈呈元:Asian CORE Program/Advanced Research Network