Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas FY2017-2021Hybrid Catalysis

Kei Muto » Japanese

Affiliation Waseda University, Waseda Institute for Advanced Study
Position Assistant Professor
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Speciality Organic Synthesis, Organometallic Chemistry
Keyword Dearomatization, Catalysis
Institute The Chemical Society of Japan, The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, The Japanese Society for Process Chemistry, Kinka Chemical Society


“Development of Dearomative Functionalization through Nucleophile-Recognizing Hybrid Catalysis”


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Original papers

  • "Catalytic Three-component C–C Bond Forming Dearomatization of Bromoarenes with Malonates and Diazo Compounds"
    Kato, H.; Musha, I.; Komatsuda, M.; *Muto, K.; *Yamaguchi, J.
    Chem. Sci., 7/29/2020, 11, 8779–8784
  • "Ester dance reaction on the aromatic ring"
    Matsushita, K.; Takise, R.; Muto, K.; *Yamaguchi, J.
    Sci. Adv., 7/8/2020, 6, eaba7614
  • "Catalytic Deoxygenative Coupling of Aromatic Esters with Organophosphorus Compounds"
    Kurosawa, B. M.; Isshiki, R.; Muto, K.; *Yamaguchi, J.
    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 4/11/2020, 142, 7386–7392
  • "Pd-Catalyzed C4-Dearomative Allylation of Benzyl Ammoniums with Allyltributylstannane"
    Kayashima, Y.; Komatsuda, M.; *Muto, K.; *Yamaguchi, J.
    Chem. Lett., 4/10/2020, 49, 836–839.
  • "Dearomative Allylation of Naphthyl Cyanohydrins by Palladium Catalysis: Catalyst-Enhanced Site Selectivity"
    Yanagimoto, A.; Komatsuda, M.; *Muto, K.; *Yamaguchi, J.
    Org. Lett., 4/9/2020, 22, 3423–3427
  • "Palladium-Catalyzed Mizoroki–Heck Reaction of Nitroarenes and Styrene Derivatives"
    Okita, T.; Asahara, K. K.; Muto, K.; *Yamaguchi, J.
    Org. Lett., 4/2/2020
  • "Ester Transfer Reaction of Aromatic Esters with Haloarenes and Arenols by a Nickel Catalyst"
    Isshiki, R.; Inayama, N.; Muto, K.; *Yamaguchi, J.
    ACS Catal, 2/25/2020, 10, 3490–3494
  • "Pd-Catalyzed Alkenyl Thioether Synthesis from Thioesters and N-Tosylhydrazones"
    Ishitobi, K.; Muto, K.; *Yamaguchi, J
    ACS Catal., 11/14/2019, 9, 11685–11690
  • "Pd-Catalyzed Dearomative Three-Component Reaction of Bromoarenes with Diazo Compounds and Allylborates"
    Komatsuda, M.; Kato, H.; *Muto, K*; *Yamaguchi, J.
    ACS Catal., 9/3/2019, 9, 8991–8995
  • "Pd-Catalyzed Dearomative Allylation of Benzyl Phosphates"
    Komatsuda, M.; *Muto, K.; *Yamaguchi, J.
    Org. Lett., 7/5/2018, vol. 20(no. 14), 4354_4357
  • "Decarbonylative Methylation of Aromatic Esters by a Nickel Catalyst"
    Okita, T.; Muto, K.; *Yamaguchi, J.
    Org. Lett., 5/8/2018, vol. 20(no. 10), 3132_3135


  • 「Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Denitrative Coupling of Nitroarenes」 Muto, K.; Okita, T.; *Yamaguchi, J., ACS Catal., 10, 9856–9871, 8/6/2020


  • Reaxys PhD Prize Virtual Symposium
    "Organic Synthesis by Breaking Arenes: Development of Catalytic Dearomative Functionalization", 招待講演
    Muto, K.
    9/30/2020-10/2/2020, Online, Online

Domestic Conference

  • 日本化学会第99春季年会
    "パラジウム触媒によるジアゾ化合物とアリルボラーとを用いたハロゲン化アリールの脱芳香族的三成分連結反応 ", 口頭発表
    3/16/2019-3/19/2019, 神戸
  • 日本化学会第99春季年会
    "パラジウム触媒を用いた芳香族シアノヒドリン誘導体の脱芳香族的アリル化反応の開発 ", 口頭発表
    3/16/2019-3/19/2019, 神戸
  • 日本化学会第99春季年会
    "パラジウム触媒を用いたベンジルアンモニウムの脱芳香族的アリル化の開発", 口頭発表
    3/16/2019-3/19/2019, 神戸
  • The 99th Annual Meeting Special Program “Systemic Catalytic Science"
    "Catalyst Design toward Selective Dearomative Functionalizations", 招待講演
    Kei Muto
    3/16/2019-3/19/2019, Kobe
  • 第2回 産総研化学研究シンポジウム
    "C_O結合切断を起点とする新奇触媒反応の開発", 招待講演
    10/12/2018-10/12/2018, つくば


  • Chem. Lett. (Vol. 49, No. 7)
    「Pd-Catalyzed C4-Dearomative Allylation of Benzyl Ammoniums with Allyltributylstannane」
    Kayashima, Y.; Komatsuda, M.; *Muto, K.; *Yamaguchi, J., 8/7/2020
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